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The Advocates Conviction Book#3 – Audiobook Review

Teresa Burrell’s third book in her Advocate Series-Narrated by Laurel Schroeder-continues the cases and life of Sabre Orin Brown and her friends and colleagues.

In a return to juvenile court Sabre works with five children separated from their mother because of supposed occult activity at the mothers home. Also a young 14 year old girl who aggressively wants to be emancipated to get away from her mother and her drug dealer boyfriend.

Teresa Burrell brings the feeling and emotion of a person who really cares about children to her main characters. The concern is dripping off the page or headphones as you listen to this audiobook.

When Sabre’s clients start to disappear Sabre uses all her skills to solve the mystery and save her clients. When a local murder allegedly involves her client and another juvenile Sabre’s skill, and ability to see through all of the linking cases, along with her stubbornness, allows her to find the truth.

This is a story that you want to get to the end of because the story is riveting and dangerous as with any case involving children. The third and best of the Advocate series so far.



Dream Student Dream Series #1 – Audiobook Review

Dream Student by J.J. DiBenedetto and Narrated by Heather Jane Hogan.

First some honesty. I review all types of books, this one I was reviewing for the Author and for something outside my normal pleasure listen. So my expectations were low. I was wrong, extremely wrong.

This book is incredible. The idea of seeing another persons dreams. The good you can use it for or the evil that can haunt you. This is movie worthy or at least a series on The CW. A Guilty Pleasure all the way. 

Also Heather Jane Hogan, is a diamond from any angle. I loved her narration. If I needed a narrator she would be high on my list.

Sara Barnes is in college studying pre- med. Finals are coming up and she starts having nightmares of a young woman being assaulted and then murdered and her body dumped. 

For nights Sara had similar dreams with the same characters. She thinks it’s anxiety somehow associated with finales until she sees the women’s picture in the paper. The women was found dumped dead as in Sara’s dream.

As Sara tries to understand what is happening she has mixed dreams some pleasant, some funny, some terrifying. As Sara begins to see more and more dreams of those around her, her safety and sanity are challenged. A intriguing and shocking ride to the very end.

This first book in the Dream series is a must listen to in audiobook format.

The Advocate’s Betrayal Book#2 – Audiobook Review

The Advocate’s Betrayal – By Teresa Burrell, Narated by Meghan Kelly is the Second Book in Burrell’s Advocate Series.

Attorney Sabre Orin Brown’s friend Betty wakes up in the morning next to her husband John who is covered in blood and dead. The only evidence left behind was a rosary. Sabre goes from being a friend to being her Lawyer.

As normal the spouse is always the first suspect, Sabre tries to protect her friend and figure out what really happened at her friends house. Sabre is a Juvenile Court attorney and not experienced as a  Attorney in adult court, especially when it comes to Murder, which is exactly what her friend Betty is going to need.

Sabre as with any case will stop at nothing and follow every lead wherever it takes her to find the truth. Even if uncovering the truth uncovers much more than her client ever wanted brought to light.  

Meghan Kelly does an excellent job narrating this audiobook. Speaking is several different characters very distinctly and convincingly.

The Advocat’s Betrayal is a great book about the unknown, uncovered, and unexpected. A great second book in Advocate Series.

My Life as A Silent Movie – Audiobook Review

My Life As A Silent Movie By Jesse Lee Kercheval and Narrated By Rosemary Benson. 

Our story begins with Emma, a Liberal Arts Creative Writing Instructor, who receives a knock on her family’s front door. A neighbor who has news that will change Emma’s life forever.

The Neighbor had seen Emma’s car in the intersection, and was informing her that Emma’s husband was driving and their daughter was in the back, and that they had been hit by an SUV and both had died at the scene.

Emma’s distress was understandable and so consuming that she couldn’t even look at the bodies. Emma shut down and checked out sleeping in a sleeping bag down stairs; not able to sleep in her now empty bed.

This sets the theme and emotional condition of the central character of “My Life As A Silent Movie”.  Emma’s  journey is only now beginning as in her total loss she finds out she was adopted and goes to France to find her unknown family. She learns more than she could have ever imagined. The title is explained in such a touching way that you keep feeling for each character as the come into the story.

Never be Afraid… Your life has time to change again and again. 

Rosemary Benson is a great narrator, her Accents are great to listen too.

By Perry Martin

The Target by David Baldacci – Audiobook Review

David Baldacci’s The Target is truly a performance with accompanying sound effects along with the excellent vocal performances by Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy.

This is the third and a half Will Robie book as Baldacci wrote a short story “Bullseye” between the second book “The Hit” and this book.

Will Robie and his partner Jessica Reel are reluctantly called back into service for another suicide mission this time into North Korea. After surviving Syria in their last mission the Government wants them tested to see if they still have the skills for special operations work.

As usual Robie and Reel are not told the Truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Once again they are given a mission that neither side wants to see them succed at. Are they the true Target or is there another or possibly several other Targets?

This book will have you on the edge of your seat as each twist and turn is greater than the last. Baldacci and his Narrators have added another great addition to the Robie series .
By Perry Martin 

The Advocate-Audiobook Review

The Advocate by Teresa Burrell Read by Summer Rona

Sabre Orin Brown is an attorney in children’s court. Representing parents and children when the State of California in the County of San Diego when the State removes children from the homes of their parents.

This is a fulfilling, somewhat emotional and stressful job as injured children and mysterious parental figures don’t always tell the same stories or in her current case the do. So much so it would make anyone curious to know if they are privy to the entire story.

This case is a difficult one but that is just her work life. Her personal life is filled with the troubled rantings of her missing brothers girlfriend who is in a mental hospital after suffering a mental break after Sabre’s brothers sudden disappearance. And Sabre’s own haunting desire to find out what happened to her brother.

This Legal Thriller is written with great passion and you can feel the pain of the children wanting to have a normal life. The performance of Summer Rona is one of the best I have heard in the mystery novel arena. She is a new voice to me and she is a pleasant surprise.

I highly recommend the Advocate and I am looking forward to reviewing more books in this series.
By Perry Martin

The Revenge of John W.-Audiobook Review

Written by Joe Corso and read by William Bottoms. 
A young man John W. lives with his parents and helps his father farm their Arizona farmland. The family barely gets by as it takes everything the two men have to make the farm profitable enough to make the mortgage payments.

The story starts with the death of John’s father and the mortgage holder trying to find a way not to repossess the land since John cannot work the land alone. 

The mortgage holder finds a way to help John W. and his mother by trading the equity in their land for a small piece of desert land that they would own completely. 

Throughout the story John W. makes the best of his situations and becomes a successful young man. His success brings him to the attention of a ruthless businessman who wants John out-of-the-way.

John spends the next 6 years dealing with the effects of one corrupt business man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

The Revenge of John W. is an outstanding story of how honesty and hard work can beat the odds, even when the deck is stacked against you. 

The only issue I had with this audiobook was the performance of William Bottoms. His narration is very slow, to the point that I wanted to turn the speed up on my audible app. Also his inability to create memorable voices became a distraction from the story. But even that is not enough to degrade this story.

Stretch your imagination and accept that miracles can happen and enjoy this Joe Corso original.
By Perry Martin