Major Inversions-Audiobook Review

Major Inversons is written and narrated into audiobook format by Gordon Highland. The Author suggests one: “reads the synopsis first… as the book is Hilarious and Prophane.” 

Profound is more accurate. The book starts out at a fast pace,  due to my belief  that the author was high on adderal at the time of this books writing. The further you listen to the semi coherent monologue the slower and more sober the story gets. 

I am not saying slow as in boring but the pace of the reading slowes down and life is seen through less hazy eyes. The tone is truly that of a new millennium slacker ( A Term of Endearment). The daytime security guard, $15,000, a musician in a band – that plays whatever the client is willing to pay for, local Jingle writer, and drug redistributor, writes his narcissistic story of a life not lived but survived, 

When a new roommate/dungeon master comments that Drew doesn’t date much and suggests a hook up, with a girl, said roommate knows. The addition of a regular XX chromosome into Drews life changes everything as her father gets Drew a gig scoring a movie and Drew inturn uses his own band for some of the music.

So many connections, twists and turns, and all done at the speed of light. Taking a Valium to slow down the pace of the first 3/4 of this book would be advised if I was a doctor, but I am not.

To make it through to the abrupt end of this audiobook feels like an accomplishment, much like leaving rehab, you feel better but aren’t a big fan of sharing the experience or recommending it to others.

If semi-coherent plot and some bad jingle singing is what your probation officer recommends then this is the book for you.

Perry Martin 5/13/14 Perry Martin Audiobook Reviews


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