A damn close-run thing-Audiobook Review

A brief history of the Falklands conflict By Russell Phillips and read by Phillip J Mather. This book is less than two hours in audio form and having a map and a notebook is suggested by this reviewer before listening to gain the most enjoyment from this very detailed book.

I was in High School myself during this conflict and remember well the United States Media take on this conflict. The Falklands Conflict and the United States own Grenada Incident were the last two major conflicts before the Intetnet.

Although this story tells of the BBC reporting troop readiness and thus alerting Argentina to an upcoming assault it is nothing like CNN on the beaches in the Middle East during the first gulf war.

This audiobook takes you through each major and minor battle from both the United Kingdoms and Argentinas archives. The book describes soldiers acts of valor, of faulty equipment, ships being sunk for the first time since World War II, and the interaction of both countries allies as they work to procure and contain modern missile disemenation.

The fact that 13 kilometers are still mined in the Falklands was amazing but more so the environmental impact of the minefields creating a safe Penguin habitat safe from humans.

Again this book is full of facts, and as usual the winner writes the history. Argentina continues to this day to peacefully have diologue with the UK but as more and more Oil Platforms go up in the south Atlantic the UK is less and less likely to conseed any of the Falkland Islands back to Argentina.


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