The Red Rooster-Audiobook Review

The Red Rooster by Michael Wallace and read by Rosemary Benson.  During WWII occupied France you were either a collaborator or part of the resistance. Different people took on different roles. 

Gabriella was another 20 something living in France trying to survive not only the war but the day to day poverty that was occupied France.

Living in a closet she rented from an elderly couple she tried to live with honor. Her father had been taken by the Nazi’s and she assumed he was dead. 
One day she met another young woman who bought her some food and told her about a job working in a kitchen. No pay but you could eat the left over food.

Gabby took the opportunity to work, eat and look for the German a Officer who had taken her father away. The drama of trying to survive, not becoming a prostitute and finding her fathers killer makes for an exciting wartime thriller.

The story comes alive due to the excellent vocal skills of the reader Rosemary Benson. This is a great book which takes you right into the streets of France during WWII. I highly suggest this audiobook. Perry Martin


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