The Advocate-Audiobook Review

The Advocate by Teresa Burrell Read by Summer Rona

Sabre Orin Brown is an attorney in children’s court. Representing parents and children when the State of California in the County of San Diego when the State removes children from the homes of their parents.

This is a fulfilling, somewhat emotional and stressful job as injured children and mysterious parental figures don’t always tell the same stories or in her current case the do. So much so it would make anyone curious to know if they are privy to the entire story.

This case is a difficult one but that is just her work life. Her personal life is filled with the troubled rantings of her missing brothers girlfriend who is in a mental hospital after suffering a mental break after Sabre’s brothers sudden disappearance. And Sabre’s own haunting desire to find out what happened to her brother.

This Legal Thriller is written with great passion and you can feel the pain of the children wanting to have a normal life. The performance of Summer Rona is one of the best I have heard in the mystery novel arena. She is a new voice to me and she is a pleasant surprise.

I highly recommend the Advocate and I am looking forward to reviewing more books in this series.
By Perry Martin


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