The Revenge of John W.-Audiobook Review

Written by Joe Corso and read by William Bottoms. 
A young man John W. lives with his parents and helps his father farm their Arizona farmland. The family barely gets by as it takes everything the two men have to make the farm profitable enough to make the mortgage payments.

The story starts with the death of John’s father and the mortgage holder trying to find a way not to repossess the land since John cannot work the land alone. 

The mortgage holder finds a way to help John W. and his mother by trading the equity in their land for a small piece of desert land that they would own completely. 

Throughout the story John W. makes the best of his situations and becomes a successful young man. His success brings him to the attention of a ruthless businessman who wants John out-of-the-way.

John spends the next 6 years dealing with the effects of one corrupt business man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

The Revenge of John W. is an outstanding story of how honesty and hard work can beat the odds, even when the deck is stacked against you. 

The only issue I had with this audiobook was the performance of William Bottoms. His narration is very slow, to the point that I wanted to turn the speed up on my audible app. Also his inability to create memorable voices became a distraction from the story. But even that is not enough to degrade this story.

Stretch your imagination and accept that miracles can happen and enjoy this Joe Corso original.
By Perry Martin


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