My Life as A Silent Movie – Audiobook Review

My Life As A Silent Movie By Jesse Lee Kercheval and Narrated By Rosemary Benson. 

Our story begins with Emma, a Liberal Arts Creative Writing Instructor, who receives a knock on her family’s front door. A neighbor who has news that will change Emma’s life forever.

The Neighbor had seen Emma’s car in the intersection, and was informing her that Emma’s husband was driving and their daughter was in the back, and that they had been hit by an SUV and both had died at the scene.

Emma’s distress was understandable and so consuming that she couldn’t even look at the bodies. Emma shut down and checked out sleeping in a sleeping bag down stairs; not able to sleep in her now empty bed.

This sets the theme and emotional condition of the central character of “My Life As A Silent Movie”.  Emma’s  journey is only now beginning as in her total loss she finds out she was adopted and goes to France to find her unknown family. She learns more than she could have ever imagined. The title is explained in such a touching way that you keep feeling for each character as the come into the story.

Never be Afraid… Your life has time to change again and again. 

Rosemary Benson is a great narrator, her Accents are great to listen too.

By Perry Martin


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