The Advocate’s Betrayal Book#2 – Audiobook Review

The Advocate’s Betrayal – By Teresa Burrell, Narated by Meghan Kelly is the Second Book in Burrell’s Advocate Series.

Attorney Sabre Orin Brown’s friend Betty wakes up in the morning next to her husband John who is covered in blood and dead. The only evidence left behind was a rosary. Sabre goes from being a friend to being her Lawyer.

As normal the spouse is always the first suspect, Sabre tries to protect her friend and figure out what really happened at her friends house. Sabre is a Juvenile Court attorney and not experienced as a  Attorney in adult court, especially when it comes to Murder, which is exactly what her friend Betty is going to need.

Sabre as with any case will stop at nothing and follow every lead wherever it takes her to find the truth. Even if uncovering the truth uncovers much more than her client ever wanted brought to light.  

Meghan Kelly does an excellent job narrating this audiobook. Speaking is several different characters very distinctly and convincingly.

The Advocat’s Betrayal is a great book about the unknown, uncovered, and unexpected. A great second book in Advocate Series.


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