The Advocates Conviction Book#3 – Audiobook Review

Teresa Burrell’s third book in her Advocate Series-Narrated by Laurel Schroeder-continues the cases and life of Sabre Orin Brown and her friends and colleagues.

In a return to juvenile court Sabre works with five children separated from their mother because of supposed occult activity at the mothers home. Also a young 14 year old girl who aggressively wants to be emancipated to get away from her mother and her drug dealer boyfriend.

Teresa Burrell brings the feeling and emotion of a person who really cares about children to her main characters. The concern is dripping off the page or headphones as you listen to this audiobook.

When Sabre’s clients start to disappear Sabre uses all her skills to solve the mystery and save her clients. When a local murder allegedly involves her client and another juvenile Sabre’s skill, and ability to see through all of the linking cases, along with her stubbornness, allows her to find the truth.

This is a story that you want to get to the end of because the story is riveting and dangerous as with any case involving children. The third and best of the Advocate series so far.



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