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The Road to Rejas – Audiobook Review

The Road to Rejas by Jeff Brackett and Narrated by one of my new favorite Narrators Corey Snow, is a short story about Mark Roesch a Character from previously reviewed Half Past Midnight. 

This story takes place prior to the book Half Past Midnight and is a back story for how Mark Roesch made his way to Rejas, Texas where we find him in Half Past Midnight. Everyone has a  story of their “D-day” experience when Nuclear Bombs wiped out cities and the EMP Blast took out the power grids.

This is an Excelent Prequel to Half Past Midnight which I also highly recommend.

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The Missings – Audiobook Review

Peg Brantley’s The Missings Narrated by Eric Nutting is a Mystery/Detective Procedural that takes place in the small Hispanic community of Aspen Falls, Colorado.

When some of the community go missing they are reluctant to go to the authorities out of fear and the legal status of many in the community. 

When Elizebeth Benavides sister goes missing she challenges the communities silence and demands the authorities do something. 

Senior Detective Chase Waters looks into the case and when the other missing people are brought to his attention he works all his contacts to solve, what truely is a mystery.

When Detective Waters investigation takes him to the doors of a private hospital for the Rich he looks for a connection. The one he finds brings the case much to close to home for him.

The Missings is a must read. It speaks to the Fear of the Police by law abiding and even legal citizens and the unreported crimes they face. This is a mystery where life and death lay in the balance.

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Suspicion – Audiobook Review

Joseph Finder is a modern day Hitchcock. His thrillers have twist and turns you never see coming. The way his “Every Man” characters find themselves in positions of opportunity or peril seem plausible even in today’s cynical world. Suspicion is another masterpiece. 

A writer from Boston, Danny Goodman, whose daughter attends a prestigious private school falls on hard times and financial hardship. His daughter has made friends with a girl, who is at her 4th school in 2 years. His daughters new best friend comes from a wealthy family. 

Because of the daughters good influence on her new best friend, her father wants to insure that both girls stay together and that his daughter graduates.

When financial trouble causes the school to ask Danny to move his daughter to another school her new best friends father offers to pay the tuition just to keep the girls together.

Danny has his pride but infact excepts the generous offer. This decision connects Danny and Thomas Galvin in ways Danny could have never seen coming. It’s to late to change his mind when the DEA comes knocking.

Thomas Galvin may be an investment banker but he only has one client, his Father-in-law, who may just be a Mexican Drug Kingpin. 

Danny is forced to lie and maneuver as the DEA threatens him with jail for taking drug money or does he turn on the DEA and protect his new friend Thomas.

The suspicion rises to a high level in this novel as everyone tries to save what is most important to them as well as their lives .

Suspicion is read by Steven Kearney, who does an outstanding job creating unique voices for each character.

As with all Finder Novels you never know until it’s over what is going to happen.


Half Past Midnight-Audiobook Review

Jeff Brackett’s Half Past Midnight, Narrated by Corey Snow is a great book. It keeped me rivited to my speakers throughout the entire story.

The story is in the same genre as Televisions “Revolution” except this book is much better; sticking to a single storyline and this story is complete.

The story starts quickly, and the characters are established with the depth needed according to the story line and then grow as the story moves forward.

In short, World War III starts and Leeland Dawsett is a survivalist that has prepared his family for the possibility of war. When he sees a second “sun” in the sky outside Houston he knows he only has a little time to move his family outside the target rich area of Houston, Texas.

As Leeland and his family move North to his Mother-in-laws home the outlaws are already out in force. This story moves from one man’s effort to protect his family and moves forward to him becoming part of a community that is trying to survive and rebuild after Nuclear bombs and EMP blasts have left all modern electronics useless.

Nothing is boring in this story as it keeps you on the edge of your seat. The author’s use of humor is balanced with the bloody violence of war.  I was presently suprised at every aspect of this story. Truely gripping and realistic in my limited knowledge of the subject matter.

I highly recommend this audiobook.
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A Walk Among the Tombstones – Audiobook Review

Lawrence Block’s 10th Matt Scudder novel is being released as a movie staring Liem Neeson on September 19th. I wanted to review the book prior to the movie being released. I have not read any of Block’s books and was interested to find out he started this series in 1976. 

This is a story about an ex-New York City Detective who happens to be an alcoholic. Although this story has nothing to do with alcoholism many scenes take place at Alcoholic’s Anonymous  meetings. This story is truly told through the eyes of as alcoholic who takes his sobriety one day at a time. 

The book begins with the kidnapping and murder of a drug traffickers wife even after the ransom is paid. Matt Scudder is hired to find out who committed the murder without involving the police. When Matt finds a series of murders the seem connected he works with police, without reveling his clients situation, to find the serial killers.

The story weaves Scudder’s personsonal life with his professional one and had many rememorable characters. 

Mark Hammer does an excellent job as a narrator and having been released on audiobook in 1992 the story takes place at the beginning of the computer age when people were just starting to use pagers and still used pay phones. I am sure the story will be updated for the upcoming movie.

This story grabbed my attention right away. It is written without the vulgarity in many of the modern crime novels and the characters are well developed and well thought out.

I recommend this book and look forward to going back into the Audible Archieves and listening to the complete series of Matt Scudder novels.
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Dream Child Book #3 – Audiobook Review

Dream Child by J.J. DiBenedetto and Narrated by Heather Jane Hogan is DiVenedetto’s third book in the Dream Series. At this time the first four book are available on as well as a short story that takes place between book 3&4 as Betty and Howard Barnes take a European Vacation.

Dream Child revolves around Sara’s 4 year old daughter who has inherited Sara’s Gift. You learn that as in other books the ability to see others dreams only manifests itself if you meet the person. Keeping a 4 year old from meeting people that she may dream about is just another thing for Sara to think about when raising her daughter.

The audiobook is another excellent listen as Sara meets and begins to see the dreams of relatives and of a Congressman from her district, whom she happened to meet in Washington DC.

If you think you know what a Congressmen is thinking or dreaming about then you may begin to understand how disturbing those dreams could be. 

Sara, while completing her residency and raising children at night and trying to save them during the day; will she solve the mystery of her dreams in time. Will she survive the stress. The personnel conflict and mental anguish are apparent and felt in every chapter.

I highly recommend this series for all but mostly for young women who want to do it all. Sara is an excellent roll model for anyone wanting to achieve their DREAMS…. and follow me @PerryBookReview or @Plmartin68

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Advocate’s ExParte Book#5 – Audiobook Review

Teresa Burrell is truely a children’s Advocate. In all 5 of her Advocate books she takes on different legal issues and children’s safety issues. Is family togetherness always the best thing for children. She brings stories to light that are a real and present danger to children today.

The Advocates ExParte brings Sabre Brown, Bob and J.P.  back together again as Sabre has several cases of great importance at the same time. When a Judge trys to share information ExParte or without opposing counsel present Sabre protests. When the Judge tells her to never mind and is then killed Sabre will never know what he wanted to tell her. Then when Dr. Heller a Psychologist Sabre uses regularly has an attempt on her life Sabre is in a race to find out who is behind it and why.

At the same time she is working with a mother who left her child Slone at home while she worked. And another child accused if murder. Sabre had her hands full.

J.P. Sabre’s trusted Investigator is on vacation working on his own personal issues and is distracted while trying to help Sabre as best as he can. The interweaving stories and the ri voting conclusion is exciting and nail biteing intense at the same time.

The ending of this book should leave you satisfied and ready for Book#6.

Laurel Schroeder once again does an Excelent job narrating as she has in the previous two Advocate Audiobooks. If you have read the other 4 books you won’t be disappointed with the Advocates ExParte.
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