The Starlight Club-Audiobook Review

The Starlight Club written by Joe Corso, and read by Christopher Strong is the first of four books released as an audio book through The Starlight Club in the Borough of Queens in Corona, New York is a Club that in 1961 was a place where movie stars, politicians, and even some gangsters came to dine.

The story is told through the remembrance of 70 year old Robert Valentine, or Bobby as he was known. Just a young man with a wife, two kids and a daughter on the way that worked delivering meat to the neighborhood and sometimes drove a taxi for extra money. 

Bobby was liked by the owner of the Starlight Club; Big Red and fellow patrons Trenchie, Jimmy the Hat, and others. Bobby would stop by after work and have a drink and listen to the stories and goings on at the club. The fond memories of Bobby’s time spent with the rough men who would become his friends is shared with his daughter Lynn years after the Club is gone and has become a Hispanic Owned – Italian style – deli.

Bobby’s story is an exciting and thrilling ride through the shifts of power in New York’s Five Boroughs and is an easy listening, and attention grabbing audio book that will keep you listening and leave you wanting more.
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