Dream Doctor Dream Series#2 – Audiobook Review

Dream Doctor by J.J. DiBenedetto and Narrated by Heather Jane Hogan is the 2nd book in the Dream Series.

Once again Sara Barnes is back, having graduated from college and starting a new adventure: medical school. Her dreams have been her own for some time now; after her last adventure in “Dream Student”.  Now as Sara is living in close quarters with people again the dreams return. Some telling, some reveling, and some murderous.

As Sara trys to keep others dreams a secret, she finds a parallel to keeping secrets as a future doctor. How many secrets can Sara keep this time. Will her life be threatened once again because of what she dreams. 

New characters are introduced into Sara’s life and the stress of medical school as well as her dreams start to affect every aspect of her life. 

Medical School is a full endeavor all by itself, add Sara’s dreams, her friends troubled lives, and the possibility of murder; Sara must balance her Life, Love, and insatiable curiosity all while passing medical school and staying alive.

Dream Doctor is another great Listen, and the good news there are more. Look for my upcpming review of Dream Child and Dream Family.

I enjoy Heather Jane Hogans continued narration of this series. “Dream Doctor” as well as the entire Dream Series is an Excelent read or in my case listen.

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