The Expats – Audiobook Review

The Expats by Chris Pavone Narrated by Mozhan Marno is a great Audiobook available @Audible_com. This is a New York Times Best Seller and Edgar Award Winning book.

Kate Moore is a mother with two young sons and a career in Washington DC as a policy position writer and a husband who works in Information Technology (IT). Kate’s husband continued to perfect his craft in Information Security as his friends and classmates created start ups and made and lost fortunes.

When Kate’s husband comes home saying he has received the job he had been waiting for-his big payday-there was one catch, Kate and the boys would have to move to Luxenburg.

Kate has one month to quit her job and pack the family up while her husband travels back and forth making arrangements with his new company. Kate is becoming an Expat and a stay at home mom, with no more money worries and Europe to explore.

This all would sound great if Kate wasn’t secretly a CIA agent. She quits the Agency to move with her husband who never suspects anything. You can take the girl out of the CIA but you can’t take the CIA out of the girl.

Does Kate see trouble and intrigue because of her training or is something rotten in Luxenburg. Suspense fills this entire book from start to finish. The listener will want to keep on listening to follow what happens next. 

No Spoilers here, listen to “The Expats” today!

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