Field of Prey Book #24 – Audiobook Review

John Sandford’s newest Prey novel has Lucas Davenport working on another high profile murder case. Lucas Davenport has aged slightly over 24 books but although his life and family has grown up his analytical mind hasn’t lost a step.

Lucas works with his team to solve a mystery when multiple bodies are discovered in a cistern. Who are they where did they come from, who put them there?
Lucas doesn’t have to wait long to find out as the killer taunts him and bodies keep dropping.

Will the political pressure and lack of closure be the end for Lucas? Crime doesn’t stop or take a vacation. Davenport’s crew is spread thin as a serial rapiest and killer challenges Lucas ‘s every skill to stop him before he kills again.

Field of Prey is another gripping tale that must be balanced against the past Davenport had and the future he wants.

Another great audiobook narrated by Richard Ferrone. At book #24 in the Prey Series it shows different sides of the well known characters. A great addition to the franchise.
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