Advocates Dilemma Book#4 – Audiobook Review

Teresa Burell’s 4th book in the Advocate Series is the best yet. I say that having reviewed the previous 3 books. I am attached to the characters and their relationships and personalities. When Sabre Brown finds a body in her office and it’s the father of children she is representing questions arise for all involved.

Who killed the children’s father, why did the killer involve Sabre. When Sabre’s best friend and colleague is arrested for the murder how can she help him while keeping her client attorney privilege with her child client who may have the answers to clear Bob. 

The Advocates Dilemma is true to life in the internal and external conflicts an attorney must work within to keep “The System” working.

Laurel Schroeder’s narration is top notch and her talent is well used in this 4th addition of the Advocate Series.

The Advocate’s Dilemma is another great addition to the series.
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