Advocate’s ExParte Book#5 – Audiobook Review

Teresa Burrell is truely a children’s Advocate. In all 5 of her Advocate books she takes on different legal issues and children’s safety issues. Is family togetherness always the best thing for children. She brings stories to light that are a real and present danger to children today.

The Advocates ExParte brings Sabre Brown, Bob and J.P.  back together again as Sabre has several cases of great importance at the same time. When a Judge trys to share information ExParte or without opposing counsel present Sabre protests. When the Judge tells her to never mind and is then killed Sabre will never know what he wanted to tell her. Then when Dr. Heller a Psychologist Sabre uses regularly has an attempt on her life Sabre is in a race to find out who is behind it and why.

At the same time she is working with a mother who left her child Slone at home while she worked. And another child accused if murder. Sabre had her hands full.

J.P. Sabre’s trusted Investigator is on vacation working on his own personal issues and is distracted while trying to help Sabre as best as he can. The interweaving stories and the ri voting conclusion is exciting and nail biteing intense at the same time.

The ending of this book should leave you satisfied and ready for Book#6.

Laurel Schroeder once again does an Excelent job narrating as she has in the previous two Advocate Audiobooks. If you have read the other 4 books you won’t be disappointed with the Advocates ExParte.
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