Suspicion – Audiobook Review

Joseph Finder is a modern day Hitchcock. His thrillers have twist and turns you never see coming. The way his “Every Man” characters find themselves in positions of opportunity or peril seem plausible even in today’s cynical world. Suspicion is another masterpiece. 

A writer from Boston, Danny Goodman, whose daughter attends a prestigious private school falls on hard times and financial hardship. His daughter has made friends with a girl, who is at her 4th school in 2 years. His daughters new best friend comes from a wealthy family. 

Because of the daughters good influence on her new best friend, her father wants to insure that both girls stay together and that his daughter graduates.

When financial trouble causes the school to ask Danny to move his daughter to another school her new best friends father offers to pay the tuition just to keep the girls together.

Danny has his pride but infact excepts the generous offer. This decision connects Danny and Thomas Galvin in ways Danny could have never seen coming. It’s to late to change his mind when the DEA comes knocking.

Thomas Galvin may be an investment banker but he only has one client, his Father-in-law, who may just be a Mexican Drug Kingpin. 

Danny is forced to lie and maneuver as the DEA threatens him with jail for taking drug money or does he turn on the DEA and protect his new friend Thomas.

The suspicion rises to a high level in this novel as everyone tries to save what is most important to them as well as their lives .

Suspicion is read by Steven Kearney, who does an outstanding job creating unique voices for each character.

As with all Finder Novels you never know until it’s over what is going to happen.



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