The Missings – Audiobook Review

Peg Brantley’s The Missings Narrated by Eric Nutting is a Mystery/Detective Procedural that takes place in the small Hispanic community of Aspen Falls, Colorado.

When some of the community go missing they are reluctant to go to the authorities out of fear and the legal status of many in the community. 

When Elizebeth Benavides sister goes missing she challenges the communities silence and demands the authorities do something. 

Senior Detective Chase Waters looks into the case and when the other missing people are brought to his attention he works all his contacts to solve, what truely is a mystery.

When Detective Waters investigation takes him to the doors of a private hospital for the Rich he looks for a connection. The one he finds brings the case much to close to home for him.

The Missings is a must read. It speaks to the Fear of the Police by law abiding and even legal citizens and the unreported crimes they face. This is a mystery where life and death lay in the balance.

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