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A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life – William Law

William Law (1686-1761) wrote A Serious Call in 1729, this book was published in Audiobook form by Christian Audio for the first time 2/2014 and Narrated by Maurice England. The narration of this 13 hour audiobook in understandable English/Old English makes this book accessible to all who can hear for the first time.

Law’s book is broken into seven areas according to my listening of this Audiobook. Although Piety (Devotion or Religion) and Prayer are themes that run throughout the entire book they are also the first two areas Law writes about.

I would also state that Religion is an Action Verb rather than a Proper Noun in Law’s contention. The necessity of religion and being devoted to a religious life must be chosen and actively pursued.

Prayer and Praise is the second and a recurring theme throughout A Serious Call. Singing Praises while conducting your daily business keeps God on your mind and glorifies him. Throughout the entire book Law writes of the dedication to prayer. 

The third area Law writes of is that we are to Suffer as Christ and not live a outlandish, prideful, haughty lifestyle. Laws views were seen as extreme in the 18th century but the underlying truths are still true and valid in this the 21st century.

The fourth area is Education. Both for boys and girls. Law was very ernest in his views that parents should not give up education of their children to others who do not share their Christian views. Parents should accompany children to all additional educational events such as music or dance to insure that nothing was spoken to their children that was contrary to their parents teaching.
I could write a book on just his chapter on educating girls. His premise is that by teaching girls to depend on beauty and femininity is to teach them to be prideful and envious.

This takes you to Laws fifth and sixth areas of teaching Love and Intersession. Many books have been written linking these to areas of religion together but Law may be the most direct. We are to love others as Christ loves Us and therefore we should be in Intersession for those we love.

The seventh area covered by Law is our need to repent daily for our sins. Repentance brings a daily need for Gods forgiveness to mind and areas of improvement for our lives to our mind daily as we strive to live a Devout and Holy Life.

Listen to this book with an open mind and heart and allow the Holy Spirit to speak and confirm in your heart the truths of this book. Do not discount Law’s work because it seems impossible and extreme in today’s fast pased world. Hear this audiobook with the spirit it was intended the spirit of love and holiness, not condemnation.

A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life ChristianAudio.com20140731-131439-47679652.jpg


Rare Earth – AudiobookReview

Davis Bunn’s second book in Marc Royce series is another hit. Published by Brilliance Audio and Bethany House in book and digital format.

New narrator, Phil Gigante, doesn’t miss a step as this time we find Marc in Africa where volcano caused drought has deveststed this once rich farm land.

As an accountant Marc is auditing a relief agencies books, while undercover he is looking for a missing aid worker. The relief agency is just one arm of a private security company and they don’t want Marc asking any questions. 

As Marc quickly gets relief supplies from the tents to the needy he is given more responsibility by a local leader who gives him a blank check to get food and medical supplies into the refuge camps. 

Marc once again finds kinship with African leaders through Jesus Christ. One elder has visions of a man who will save the land and believes Marc is the man of his visions. Pressure rises fast as the truth comes to light as too why the aid worker has disappeared, and no one wants Marc to solve the problem.

Marc Royce risks everything once again to find the truth and save the African village. This is a great humanitarian story with action and redemption.20140728-233417-84857154.jpg

Learning to Swim

Annie Cosby’s 1st book in her Hearts Out of Water series, Narrated by Wendy Pitts is published by Write For You a Publishing and in Audiobook form by the Author Ann Cosby.

This is a touching YA title about Cora an 18 year old girl on Summer Break before college. She wants to stay home with her friends who are all leaving for separate schools in the fall, and this will be their last summer together.

Cora’s mother has different ideas taking Cora’s Father and Cora to their newly purchased fixer upper summer home known as the Pink Palace. The name does not begin to describe the hideousness of this house.

Embarrassed and away from her friends Cora ‘a Summer is ruined. I almost forgot her mother wants to set her up with another rich boy from the Big House’s which Cora has no interest.

Cora does meet a nice old women Mrs. O’Leary who seems to be loosing her way with reality but does love to tell Cora long tales from the sea.

As local mysteries begin to come to Cora’s attention she try’s to put the pieces of others lives together while contemplating her own future.

Love is in the air, class discrimination between those who live in the Bug Housed and the Locals, along with Cora’s families unmentionable secret bring this YA novel to a climax that will leave you the listener crying and smiling.


Lion of Babylon – Audiobook Review

Davis Bunn’s 1st book in his Marc Royce series is Published by Bethany House, Center Point Large Print, and Christian Audio. As with all audiobooks the narrator can make or break a book by their presentation. Paul Boehmer has done as well as any I have heard recently when it comes to this dramatic character rich genre. His comand of accents and clarity of speach raise this audiobook title from good to great.

David Bunn’s character Marc Royce has been fired from his job in intelligence for taking 9 months off to be with his dieing wife. When the man who fired him asks him to come back for one off the books mission Marc only agrees because his mission is to find his best friend who has gone missing in Iraq, along with two other Americans. 

When during Marc’s investigation he finds that 40+ Iraqi children have been kidnapped as well he joins forces with a local Iraqi who will help him find the Americans only after the children are found makes for a quick paced against the clock thriller.

The tug-of-war between political factions from the United States and Iraq, as well as the religious communities within the Middle East add a new level of intrigue to a story in this genre.

This book is as well written as any Vince Flynn “Mitch Rapp” novel and also includes faith as an integral part of the story. The story alone draws the listener in well before Jesus is mentioned. I only mention this because Islam and Judiasm are often spoken of in literature but Jesus is rarely mentioned in a way that sounds like a normal religious choice.  David Bunn does this expertly within his book without being preachy.

On the story alone I recommend this audiobook, the fact that it represents Christians in a honorable way makes it unique. I am glad to have found this series and hope to review “Rare Earth” and “Straight of Hormuz” Books 2&3 in this series soon.

25 Perfect Days – Audiobook Review

25 Perfect Days was written by Mark Tullius and Narrated by Dave Thompson. This Audiobook is about the ever so popular Dystopian Future. The concept of the book is 25 stories from 25 different points of view about the past, present, and future of this dystopia.

A universal church “The Way” has teamed with the Government to take the money from society and provide for the needs of society. Using money and influence they pass laws limiting life span, who can have and raise children, everything for the universal good. 

This hellish vision of heaven on earth is presented thru 25 stories. Unfortunately only a single voice. The narrator Dave Thompson wether by choice or design uses the same voice for every character. When listening to a book set in 25 different voices it is just too much for any one narrator. He read the book with emotion but needed help. There is just to much going on in this book for a single narrator.

At this time I have to say the voice in your own mind will give you more meaning to this very dystopian work.20140725-210429-75869717.jpg

The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer – Audiobook Review

Dr. Jack Hayford’s book on Intercessory Prayer is a book that explores a prayer life dedicated to others. The subtitle is Unleashing God’s Power in the Lives of Those You Love.

When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden they were separated from God as we are all now, before salvation. Jesus came and died so that we could be restored to the family. There must be restoration of all mankind to God.

When satan decieved Adam and Eve into giving over their right to reign and rule over the earth  the battle to get it back began. Dr. Jack Hayford describes this event as the planting of the sin seed into the earth. Like the weed it is it grew and expanded until it covered the whole earth. 

When we pray we are doing Spiritual Battle against the devil. The battle is never relational or between you and another person, it is always a Spiritual battle. Knowing this Dr. Hayford spends the rest of this book discussing how praying for another to be saved is never a battle with them. 

God calls us to be examples, but one of my favorite quotes from the book is, “Guilt Motivation is Always Loveless”. Dr. Hayford spends a lot of time discussing how we should and should not behave toward the unbelievers we are praying for.

Colossians 4:6 Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone. 

The biblical stories of the farmer who tends to his seed planted in the ground and the women who adds yeast to her bread dough are used to illustrate how God takes our small input and expands it beyond our own ability. A little yeast rises the whole dough.

In every area of Intercessory Prayer God asks us to “Pray and get out of the Way”. Don’t stop a move of God by digging up the seed you planted. 

The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer really is a book about the battle with the devil and the relationship with the unbeliever. Knowing your place in each area will allow God to Unleash His Power in the Lives of Those You Love. 

This Audiobook, narrated by Maurice England and published in book form by Chosen Books and on audio by gives many everyday examples of how to and not to act. A key example is Dr. Hayford’s suggestion to “Forgive the Unsaved Person you are Praying for, for not Being Saved”. This and other key revelations are why I highly recommend this book for all Christians.

First to Kill – Audiobook Review

Andrew Peterson’s 1st book in the Kill series featuring former Marine Sniper, Nathan McBride narrated by Master of the spoken word Dick Hill, is a great book. 

I would compare McBride to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher in a lot of ways except he didn’t walk away. Nathan became a covert CIA operative. When he did retire and walked away he was certain his life would slow down and he could rest.

When a deep undercover FBI Agent disappears along with 1 ton of Semtex explosive the Government reaches out to Nathan McBride. He has a set of skills that are unique and necessary to find the missing explosives. But when he is caught between the crazy ideas of the Semtex thief and the FBI Agents who will stop at nothing to find their missing Agent, McBride must walk a narrow line to find the explosives before something unspeakable happens. 

You will love this book and there are 3 more available at