You Should Have Known – Audiobook Review

Jean Hanff Korelitz new book Narrated by Christina Delaine is a true to life fictional story about Family, children, and blind spots that we all have regarding those we choose to spend our lives with.

Grace Reinhart Sachs is a devoted mother, wife, and family therapist. She has heard the complaints of many husbands and wives about failed expectations and promises. 

When Grace writes a self help book describing the many signs and signals partners should notice before marriage. Grace uses her years of experience to point out the often suttle sometimes obvious signs that many choose to ignore that continue to cause them suffering for years.

Her book “You Should Have Known” looks like a best seller. Morning TV, Magazines, and Raido all want her for interviews as her life is getting ready to skyrocket. She has her Husband and college sweetheart who is a dedicated pediatric oncologist and the love her life. Things could not get better. 

Until…there not. This story turns on a dime as her book comes to life and her husbands secrets, that she had completely overlooked, become more complicated than she ever could have imagined. This book is a great twist of life when what you know best becomes your worst nightmare.

You Should Have Known is a gets listen or read. I highly recommend this book to anyone who like a psychological thriller.

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