The Keeper – Audiobook Review

John Lescroart’s newest thriller, Narrated by David Colacci is another great book including Lescroart’s main characters Dismas Hardy and Abe Glitsky.

Glitsky is now a retired inspector who is helping his friend and Defense Attorney Dismas Hardy with the investigation of the Disappearance of a  clients wife. While the DA wants to D  charge the husband with murder Abe has other ideas.

When the investigation seems to overlap with a string of inmate deaths at the County Jail the mystery rises to a level that uses all of Glitsky’s investigative abilities. 

Knowing these characters since the beginning of the series they are as you always remember them. As a reader of this series I an glad the author doesn’t feel the need to over explain all the other books within this one new book. John Lescroart gives enough background to let this be your first Dismis Hardy/Abe Glitsky of which there are two separate and interwoven sets of books. Without having to know all the backstory.

Please go back and read the others if you can they are worth every minute and most are available on Audible.

As I listened to this book I thought several times who did what to whom but The twist and turns in this story leave you saying I didn’t see that coming, again and again.

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