Brutal Youth – Audiobook Review

Anthony Breznican’s Freshman Novel is about the lives of the freshmen at St. Michael’s Catholic School. The book is a mix of the Breakfast Club and Steven King’s Carrie without the blood.

Turning tormenting into mentoring is the desire of Sister Maria, but traditional hazing is far more solid than the leaky roof of the school. As young boys and girls become Men and Women the also are the targets of ridicule. This dilapidated old catholic school is falling apart on the outside and being torn apart on the inside by politics, financial crisis, and according to some bad management. As if you can manage a group of high school children.

The story unfolds as we are introduced to characters from all grade level and social class attending St. Michael’s. The shy and ugly, the Rich and Powerful, and the lone minority student work their way through freshman year.

Breznican has managed to perfectly set the stage for a second, third and fourth book as we follow this freshman class through their seemingly incarcerated state as students in this most ungodly of  Catholic Schools.

I was grabed by each character and the vocal work of Matthew Brown was supurb. I was often taken back to my own high school years in the 80’s. These kids lived their life with out acknowledging the world around them or outside their sphere of influence. 

This is an Excelent audiobook and I expect to read more about these characters Sophmore year.

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