Faitheist – Audiobook Review

Narrated by Corey Snow, fast becoming a favorite narrator of mine, Faitheist is the story of Author Chris Stedman. Raised an evangelical christian Chris has left his faith in God but not in men. As a openly gay man who felt the rejection of Christian community Chris is now an Atheist.

This book is a stunning revelation that not all Atheist hate the church or organized religion as is being loudly shouted from the ranks that call themselves “The New Atheist’s”. Chris believes that there can be Good without God as presented in Harvard Chaplin Greg M. Epstein ‘s book.

Chris’s life story, although under 30 when written, covers his trials as a gay ex-Christian who studies religion and attends a Luthern Teological Seminary,for his Masters Degree, where he attempts to connect with the religious.

Atheism is not a religion, but seems in my understanding of Chris’s point of view, to be split into at least two factions. The atheist ‘s who want to make the world a better place free of judgement and condemnation, and the atheist who want to destroy all religiousness of any kind anywhere.

Chris wants to work side by side with those who have Faith, with the understanding that together they can accomplish great things. Many of today’s New Atheist don’t believe that this can be done and almost call for a humanist anarchy of sorts. Chris is more like a Atheist Monk, although any label would be rejected by the author.

Faitheist is truely one mans attempt to find common ground with the religious society as a whole, and do good without labels or boxes that limit peoples interactions with each other.

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