Snow White Must Die -Audiobook Review

Nele Neuhaus’s thriller is translated from German to English and Narated by Robert Fass. A crime novel set in 2008 tells the story of a small village in Germany where a man has just been released from prison after serving 10 years for the death of two 17 year old girls. In the ten years since he was convicted his parents have broken up, his father has closed the family restruant, and the majority of their land holdings have been sold off. 

There were never any bodies found and Tobis Sartorius was convicted on circumstantial evidence alone. After his release he comes home and soon after his mother is pushed over a bridge into the path of a moving car. Police Detectives look into the case of his mother being pushed over the bridge and begin seeing inconsistencies in the stories told by the villagers.

Then another young girl disappears and Tobis is the first person questioned. The facts about Tobis, the village people and  the untold stories that have been hidden for ten years start to unravel. What is really going on in this small village. 

The story unfolds and the mysteries of the past being forth a great mystery. What could keep a town silent and send a man to prison? Will it happen again?

Snow White Must Die is a great listen and is an excelent mystery.



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