The Spirit Filled Life – Audiobook Review

This audiobook, which will be available in August 2014, by Thomas-Nelson Publishing is Written by Dr. Charles Stanley Founder of InTouch Ministries and Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Atlanta, it is Narrated by Maurice England. Maurice has narrated over 100 audiobooks and as a believer you can hear in his presentation he is more than just reading a book he is ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Dr Stanley’s Audiobook on the Spirit Filled Life is deep as well as simple. It explained to me that we are all Spirit Filled when we accept Christ as our Lord and Savior. The fact that some Christians seek to speak in tongues and others do not does not diminish the level of a believers Spirit Filledness.

The Holy Spirit is a Helper and a Guide. An example that helped me is one of an Honest Contractor. The Contractor provides the plans, the equipment, the material and then guides the construction insuring everything is up to code and that no unsafe shortcuts are taken that will cause damage to the structure in the future.

We are the structure, God is building us on the outside to look like Jesus. He placed the plans inside of us upon our salvation. When God looks at us inside through the blood of Jesus he sees Jesus. The foundation is solid the structure we will become will be the fulfillment of Gods plans.

Dr Stanley speaks of our consciousness or our minds, our wills and our emotions. These are three areas that were corrupted from birth and part of our sinful nature. These areas must be brought under the obedience of Christ and the training, teaching, and equipping of the Holy Spirit.

In what ways does this happen? Well there are things that you will notice as a believer. Peace about a decision, a check in your Spirit when someone is lying to you or something is be proposed to you that will take you out of the Perfect Will of God. A scripture brought to your mind at the perfect time, or patience and a graceful, merciful disposition because you know regardless of what you see you know God is in control and Faithful.

So does living a spirit filled life mean you speak in Tongues? I would have to say no. Living a Spirit Filled Life means Living a Life Guided and Directed by the Holy Spirit. There are many gifts of the Spirit, all of which are available and in action today around the globe.

John 15:5 New International Version:
“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

This is the main point of much of this book. Think of a vineyard. In Oregon where I live we have a perfect climate for some of the best vineyards in the United States. After harvest we often see vineyards that are nothing but bear branches. They are there to hold the vine and hold the fruit the vine produces, the branches never produce fruit.

The vine produces the fruit. Jesus said You the Believers are the Branches and I Christ am the Vine. Christ produces the Fruit, the Branches Present the Fruit. We as believers ask for the Fruit of the Spirit, we strive to have the Fruit of the Spirit and the whole time Jesus is saying, “You are not the Vine, You are not the Fruit Producer, I, Jesus, am the Vine, I, Jesus produce the fruit.”

Without the vine you will be cut down put into a pile and burned as rubbish. But with the vine you will see much fruit. Living the Spirit Filled Life is knowing you are the Branch and that He, The Holy Spirit, is the Vine. Being the Vine He is responsible for the fruit. So be a well tended to, prepared branch. The Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth. The evidence will be the fruit growing on your branches.  

The Holy Spirit is not asking for rededication but for a complete surrender. Once the listener has completely surrendered to the Holy Spirit they can begin to experience what Dr. Stanley calls the Wonderful Spirit Filled Life.

This book does bring several ideas to the forefront and does attempt to provide the information necessary to Live a Spirit Filled Life. Readers can expect biblical truths throughout this book that they can use to live a victorious Spirit Filled Life.

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