Final Passage: The OceanMust a Give Up Its Secrets – Audiobook Review

Final Passage: The Ocean Must Give Up Its Secret – By Timothy Frost 
Narrated By – Dennis Kleinman Available at

As a fan of Joseph Finder and his intellectual thrillers I put Timothy Frost’s “Final Passage” in the same league with Finder. The main character Martin Lancaster was raised to sail. His father a expert yachtsmen and was the creator of safety devises for his yacht long before they became mainstream.

When at 18 Martin hears that his fathers boat was found empty and his fathers body found floating in the sea he wants answers. How could his safety conscious father fall out of his boat? When no Log Book is produced Martin becomes very suspicious. His Mother and brother tell him to leave things alone and so he does, but always in the back of his mind he wonders.

25 years later when moving his mother from their longtime family home Martin finds old logbooks his mother had hidden in the attic. This once again peaks Martin’s interest. 

As Martin searches for the truth, his business begins to suffer and his enemies see blood in the water. In a rush to solve his fathers death, save his business, and his life; Martin sets sail on one final voyage. One that may cost him everything for answers to his families past and why they are so desperate to cover up his fathers death.

The narration is top notch and the longer you listen the more intrigued and invested you become. “Final Passage” is another surprising find and worth every minute of your listening time.


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