Robert Griffin III – Athlete, Leader, Believer- Audiobook Review

Robert Griffin III – Athlete, Leader, Believer : Writen by- Ted Kluck Narrated by- Mariuce England.

This is the history of Robert Griffin III (RGIII) to date through the 2012 NFL Season.  This is essentially a football book looking at running quarterbacks and their impact on the NFL. This is also a book about RGIII’s faith and how it is what he depends on to keep his life on track under the pressure of the NFL.

Looking at Running Quarterbacks and their history in the NFL and how they have been less than remarkable for the most part. RGIII has the opportunity to change that. 

RGIII’s pro day showed how he lead his teammates at Baylor University and how he didn’t expect or demand special treatment. His marketing started as soon as the clock ended with the Alamo Bowl win over The University of Washington. His everyman hardworking “No Presure No Diamonds” moniker was his to live up to.

As Author Ted Kluck followed RGIII from game to game and discribes in depth the plays taking place Robert is knocked out of a game due to a concussion. Then turns the story toward the fact the RGIII’s team the Washington Redskins was the last team to integrate   and draft a black player.

Kluck talks about the non-story that surfaces “How Black is RGIII”.  Robert has a white fiancé, and had been accused of not being “Down with the Cause” because of his Conservative views and squeaky clean image.

RGIII is Elite in his first year, but not surrounded by a great team as many key players were injuried early in the season. 

RGIII says he doesn’t talk about religion and politics but he is a conservative religious man. He makes the sign of the cross before stepping on the field. He tweets religiously both literally and figuratively.  RGIII thanks God and believes that what ever happens God is watching over him.

This book covers many areas of football and the 2012 football rookie class of quarterbacks. This stat heavy book is a must read for RGIII fans. and follow me @PerryBookReview and in



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