First to Kill – Audiobook Review

Andrew Peterson’s 1st book in the Kill series featuring former Marine Sniper, Nathan McBride narrated by Master of the spoken word Dick Hill, is a great book. 

I would compare McBride to Lee Child’s Jack Reacher in a lot of ways except he didn’t walk away. Nathan became a covert CIA operative. When he did retire and walked away he was certain his life would slow down and he could rest.

When a deep undercover FBI Agent disappears along with 1 ton of Semtex explosive the Government reaches out to Nathan McBride. He has a set of skills that are unique and necessary to find the missing explosives. But when he is caught between the crazy ideas of the Semtex thief and the FBI Agents who will stop at nothing to find their missing Agent, McBride must walk a narrow line to find the explosives before something unspeakable happens. 

You will love this book and there are 3 more available at



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