The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer – Audiobook Review

Dr. Jack Hayford’s book on Intercessory Prayer is a book that explores a prayer life dedicated to others. The subtitle is Unleashing God’s Power in the Lives of Those You Love.

When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden they were separated from God as we are all now, before salvation. Jesus came and died so that we could be restored to the family. There must be restoration of all mankind to God.

When satan decieved Adam and Eve into giving over their right to reign and rule over the earth  the battle to get it back began. Dr. Jack Hayford describes this event as the planting of the sin seed into the earth. Like the weed it is it grew and expanded until it covered the whole earth. 

When we pray we are doing Spiritual Battle against the devil. The battle is never relational or between you and another person, it is always a Spiritual battle. Knowing this Dr. Hayford spends the rest of this book discussing how praying for another to be saved is never a battle with them. 

God calls us to be examples, but one of my favorite quotes from the book is, “Guilt Motivation is Always Loveless”. Dr. Hayford spends a lot of time discussing how we should and should not behave toward the unbelievers we are praying for.

Colossians 4:6 Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone. 

The biblical stories of the farmer who tends to his seed planted in the ground and the women who adds yeast to her bread dough are used to illustrate how God takes our small input and expands it beyond our own ability. A little yeast rises the whole dough.

In every area of Intercessory Prayer God asks us to “Pray and get out of the Way”. Don’t stop a move of God by digging up the seed you planted. 

The Secrets of Intercessory Prayer really is a book about the battle with the devil and the relationship with the unbeliever. Knowing your place in each area will allow God to Unleash His Power in the Lives of Those You Love. 

This Audiobook, narrated by Maurice England and published in book form by Chosen Books and on audio by gives many everyday examples of how to and not to act. A key example is Dr. Hayford’s suggestion to “Forgive the Unsaved Person you are Praying for, for not Being Saved”. This and other key revelations are why I highly recommend this book for all Christians.


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