25 Perfect Days – Audiobook Review

25 Perfect Days was written by Mark Tullius and Narrated by Dave Thompson. This Audiobook is about the ever so popular Dystopian Future. The concept of the book is 25 stories from 25 different points of view about the past, present, and future of this dystopia.

A universal church “The Way” has teamed with the Government to take the money from society and provide for the needs of society. Using money and influence they pass laws limiting life span, who can have and raise children, everything for the universal good. 

This hellish vision of heaven on earth is presented thru 25 stories. Unfortunately only a single voice. The narrator Dave Thompson wether by choice or design uses the same voice for every character. When listening to a book set in 25 different voices it is just too much for any one narrator. He read the book with emotion but needed help. There is just to much going on in this book for a single narrator.

At this time I have to say the voice in your own mind will give you more meaning to this very dystopian work.20140725-210429-75869717.jpg


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