Learning to Swim

Annie Cosby’s 1st book in her Hearts Out of Water series, Narrated by Wendy Pitts is published by Write For You a Publishing and in Audiobook form by the Author Ann Cosby.

This is a touching YA title about Cora an 18 year old girl on Summer Break before college. She wants to stay home with her friends who are all leaving for separate schools in the fall, and this will be their last summer together.

Cora’s mother has different ideas taking Cora’s Father and Cora to their newly purchased fixer upper summer home known as the Pink Palace. The name does not begin to describe the hideousness of this house.

Embarrassed and away from her friends Cora ‘a Summer is ruined. I almost forgot her mother wants to set her up with another rich boy from the Big House’s which Cora has no interest.

Cora does meet a nice old women Mrs. O’Leary who seems to be loosing her way with reality but does love to tell Cora long tales from the sea.

As local mysteries begin to come to Cora’s attention she try’s to put the pieces of others lives together while contemplating her own future.

Love is in the air, class discrimination between those who live in the Bug Housed and the Locals, along with Cora’s families unmentionable secret bring this YA novel to a climax that will leave you the listener crying and smiling.



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