Rare Earth – AudiobookReview

Davis Bunn’s second book in Marc Royce series is another hit. Published by Brilliance Audio and Bethany House in book and digital format.

New narrator, Phil Gigante, doesn’t miss a step as this time we find Marc in Africa where volcano caused drought has deveststed this once rich farm land.

As an accountant Marc is auditing a relief agencies books, while undercover he is looking for a missing aid worker. The relief agency is just one arm of a private security company and they don’t want Marc asking any questions. 

As Marc quickly gets relief supplies from the tents to the needy he is given more responsibility by a local leader who gives him a blank check to get food and medical supplies into the refuge camps. 

Marc once again finds kinship with African leaders through Jesus Christ. One elder has visions of a man who will save the land and believes Marc is the man of his visions. Pressure rises fast as the truth comes to light as too why the aid worker has disappeared, and no one wants Marc to solve the problem.

Marc Royce risks everything once again to find the truth and save the African village. This is a great humanitarian story with action and redemption.20140728-233417-84857154.jpg


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