A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life – William Law

William Law (1686-1761) wrote A Serious Call in 1729, this book was published in Audiobook form by Christian Audio for the first time 2/2014 and Narrated by Maurice England. The narration of this 13 hour audiobook in understandable English/Old English makes this book accessible to all who can hear for the first time.

Law’s book is broken into seven areas according to my listening of this Audiobook. Although Piety (Devotion or Religion) and Prayer are themes that run throughout the entire book they are also the first two areas Law writes about.

I would also state that Religion is an Action Verb rather than a Proper Noun in Law’s contention. The necessity of religion and being devoted to a religious life must be chosen and actively pursued.

Prayer and Praise is the second and a recurring theme throughout A Serious Call. Singing Praises while conducting your daily business keeps God on your mind and glorifies him. Throughout the entire book Law writes of the dedication to prayer. 

The third area Law writes of is that we are to Suffer as Christ and not live a outlandish, prideful, haughty lifestyle. Laws views were seen as extreme in the 18th century but the underlying truths are still true and valid in this the 21st century.

The fourth area is Education. Both for boys and girls. Law was very ernest in his views that parents should not give up education of their children to others who do not share their Christian views. Parents should accompany children to all additional educational events such as music or dance to insure that nothing was spoken to their children that was contrary to their parents teaching.
I could write a book on just his chapter on educating girls. His premise is that by teaching girls to depend on beauty and femininity is to teach them to be prideful and envious.

This takes you to Laws fifth and sixth areas of teaching Love and Intersession. Many books have been written linking these to areas of religion together but Law may be the most direct. We are to love others as Christ loves Us and therefore we should be in Intersession for those we love.

The seventh area covered by Law is our need to repent daily for our sins. Repentance brings a daily need for Gods forgiveness to mind and areas of improvement for our lives to our mind daily as we strive to live a Devout and Holy Life.

Listen to this book with an open mind and heart and allow the Holy Spirit to speak and confirm in your heart the truths of this book. Do not discount Law’s work because it seems impossible and extreme in today’s fast pased world. Hear this audiobook with the spirit it was intended the spirit of love and holiness, not condemnation.

A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life ChristianAudio.com20140731-131439-47679652.jpg


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