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* A Wonder Working God – Jared C. Wilson

Jared C. Wilson wrote and narrates this title. Jared reads his book in a slow mellow voice. There is little emotion in Jared’s voice. He speaks of atheist belief in science and the belief among them that if you can prove a miracle they would believe.  In Jared’s preface he writes that miracles are not supernatural in as much as they change the natural but that miracles are returning the unnatural to its natural state. 

Jared speaks of miracles as valid only if they glorify Jesus. He calls other so-called miracles, witchcraft. He has no place in his belief system for the modern preachers who believe that you can have your micacle today. A belief that every good thing that happens is a miracle. I believe Jesus is Glorified through every good action and should be praised for it.

I agree that all miracles must glorify Jesus and that God throughout the entire bible used miracles as a fore shadowing of the coming messiah. When man asked Jesus for a sign he rebuked them because he himself was the sign manifested for all time before them.

When disciples forgot so quickly of Jesus’s previous miracles, Jesus reminded them once again that He has the ability to take a little and make it into something abundant. Jared wants to explain the miracles of Jesus in a super spiritual and religious way that takes the humanity and joy out of the miracles Jesus performed. 

Jesus performed many miracles and many times his miracles created an abundance, of fish, bread, wine, or a coin from a fish that more than pays the taxes due for Jesus and Peter. Jared wants to ignore this in an effort to take jabs at pastors who preach prosperity to their flock. 

Jared goes so far as to say he “Hates, Hates, Hates Prosperiety preachers” and calls Joel Osteen a false teacher and says that “Joel Osteen is leading people to hell.” 

Jared’s belief in a weak, beat up, sickly and poor church is not the Church of a Micacle Working and Reserected Savior. The Church of the Reserected Christ is a Church of Power, Miracles, Prophesy and Prosperity. Jesus died and rose again taking Death, Hell, and the Grave away. 

John 10:10 says The THIEF comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but I have come to give you Zoe, or Abundant Life (Life as God Lives It). Deuteronomy 28:13 says of the People of God, who we whom are born again are, The Lord shall make them the head and not the tail, above always and not beneath. This does not sound like a weak, poor, impoverished and miracles people. Anyone preaching a Gospel that ignores what Christ did on the Cross and preaches a weak, poor, lacking body of Christ is preaching false doctrine.

I cannot recomend this book because of the flawed views of the author. Hate has no place in the Body of Christ. Jesus was the Son of God but also a Man. A man filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and Love. He was, and is, a Miracle working Son of God and we are Miracle working Sons and Daughters of God. Above Only and not beneath, the Head and not the Tail walking and talking representatives of God. Jesus said, “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” John 14:12.

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Forced to Kill – Andrew Peterson

Forced to Kill the Second book in Nathan McBride series, Read by Award Winning Narrator Dick Hill. Dick Hill makes listening to this audiobook like watching a movie in your mind. The emotion and feelings of each character comes through. He enjoyment of Marine Sniper Nathan McBride grows with each book and with each listen.

This time Nathan must face the man who tortured him leaving him disfigured for life and almost dead some 10 years earlier. Could this interrogator be active again working in America? As one mutilated body is found, Nathan is drawn into a much deeper conspiracy that reaches deep into the government. 

What will Nathan do when given the choice between delivering his interrogator alive or exacting his revenge.The final act of this audiobook has twists that make you long for the next book. Thankfully you don’t have to wait the third book in the Nathan McBride series Option to Kill is available on audiobook now. 

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Life-Ology 101 – Audiobook Review

Michael Soward’s life story is Narated by Dave Wright. The book is a short narrative of the music producers life and view of subjects that come from his life experience.

Throughout Michael’s life he has believed God has watched over him and prepared him for the many opportunities he has had. From learning architecture and moving around the country to expressing his love of music in church. God has always given God Glory for his blessings.

Like many of us Michael questions Gods placement of him with in bad situations like living with his abusive “Spank um for Jesus” Grandmother and has a chapter of his book proclaiming his negative beliefs about spanking.

Life-ology 101 is a book about struggle, success, and the trials of life. Dave Wright shares Michael’s life story in a clear and emotionally discriptive voice that is worthy of listening too. 

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The Accident – Chris Pavone

Chris Pavone’s Second Audiobook “The Accident” narrated by Mozhan Marrno Published by Crown and Random House Audio is a thriller that takes place in the cut throat publishing world.

Isabel Reed is a literary agent who is reading through a manuscript titled “The Accident” that shows up via a messenger service written by Anonymous. Isabel knows by reading the first page if the book is worth spending any more time with. Most books never make it past page one.

This book keeps Isabel’s attention as she flips page after page until she reaches the end. This book is a masterpiece. A book that will take her to the top of her profession. If only she can stay alive long enough to have it published.

Anonymous may or may not have written this manuscript alone, but it’s main character is a real person who will stop at nothing to keep “The Accident” from ever being published.

With only one paper copy of this manuscript it should be easy to track down and recover. Little do they know the the literary world is full of copy machines and theives. As the number of copies grows exponentially the thrill of this story begins. This story travels from coast to coast as the race to publish competes with the will of this autobiographical manuscript’s lead who will do what ever it takes, even kill, to recover “The Accident” and keep it out of the eye of the public and law enforcement.

The Accident is a thriller like no other, within a world few book lovers will ever see. The audio production and expression of Mozhan Marrno takes you inside the mind and world of the publishing world and all of her characters. A must listen on

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Robby’s Qwest for Seed – Children’s Book

Robby’s Quest for Seed is a color illustrated book and is also available on as an audiobook. The book is self published by the authors through DCRushBooks. This children’s book is beautifully narrated by Tracy Elman. Her voice is soft and soothing with emotion and love and feels like story time at the local library.

Robby’s Quest for speed is an adorable children’s book. It has a good story about adventure, danger, teamwork, protecting children, and promotion for good work.

I have to say some of the word choices seemed a bit advanced for the reading level of the book. This book will expand your child’s vocabulary but young readers may need mom and dad’s help with larger words with three and four syllables. 

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Killing Lions: A Guide Through the Trials Young Men Face

Killing Lions: A Guide Through the Trials Young Men Face. Written and narrated by John Eldredge and Sam Eldredge. Available September 9th, 2014 published by Thomas-Nelson and on audiobook by Brilliance Audio. 
This Father and Son duo has written a conversational book. The son shares his thoughts and feelings about life and his father, a councilor, tries to explain why his son is feeling the way he is, how growing into manhood is challenging and how you can make the change from boy to man while staying under God’s direction for your life. 

Sam wants to share the thoughts and feelings of a generation that many feel is lost. I know that his thoughts and feelings are not much different than my own a decade or more before. What do I do for a job/career? Who will I marry? How does money affect my life? Where is God’s place in my decisions? How do I stand “against” Religion and “for” a Relationship with God?

The back and forth conversation make the audiobook difficult to listen to as Sam describes what he is thinking about his overall life direction and choices and his father John trying to explain those feelings both clinicly and spiritually. It is a message worth hearing but sounds more like a professor and student than Father and Son. 

This book uses a lot of references to sociological and psycological theorist along with the bible. An average listener will not understand the references or know who those referred to are. This aspect takes the book from a  insightful listen to a educational tome. Killing Lions has great information and I hope listeners can hear Sam’s heartfelt questions as they are questions of a generation.

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The Good Dad – Jim Daly

The Good Dad-Being The Father You Were Meant To Be, Writen and Read by Jim Daly, President and CEO of Focus on the Family, and Published by Zondervan on Briliance Audio.

Jim is an expert on Fatherhood. As the Leader of an Organization that was established especially to support the family only God could lift an almost parentless child to such a position.

Jim’s Dad was an alcoholic who left the family when he was young, then his mother died and his step-father abandoned him and his brothers and sisters and he was then raised in a Forster Family where the Father figure accused Jim of trying to kill him.

Jim reads letters from men about their fathers and uses biblical teaching to establish Gods Father Heart. At times I think Jim is barely holding back tears as he reads letters or talks about his trip to Dodger Stadium with his Real Father in his later childhood years.

The fact that it is never too late to be a Good Father, that damage done can be healed through the working of the Holy Spirit and Love of Jesus. Jim speaks of partnering with your wife and understanding that Mothers and Fathers have different rolls but that Unity is most important.

Love and gentleness are as much a part of being a man as being the protector. Jim’s voice is the same heard weekly on the radio and speaks with a quiet confidence of someone who knows what not to do as well as what God calls men to be as fathers. This is an excellent book that I highly recommend be listened to as an AudioBook.

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