The Wrong Man – Audiobook Review

“The Wrong Man” is by Matthew Lewis Narrated by Robert Neil DeVoe published by Out of the Gutter and is available at

This is a modern throw back to books like Lawrence Blocks “Borderline”. It is a gripping tale of how one bad decision can take you down a road of destruction. 

Sam Schuler is trying to start a new life, one that is wholly respectable. He is in Junior College and working at a liquor store. When his oldest friend asks him to drive him to a party. It’s his oldest friend he has to say yes. As they drive away from the party his friend pulls out a brick of marjuina that he stole from the party house. This one act by his friend drags him back into the gutter.

Sam has the local gang leader on his back for the stolen drugs because his low life friend once again has no money and no prospects. One situation after another happen to Sam, things out of his control. When the gang starts going after his family Sam has to confront the demons haunting him.

This is a quick audiobook that is narrated well by Robert Neil DeVoe. It pulls you in and keeps your attention to the very end.

This audiobook was gifted to me for an honest review.

Purchase at Audible.com20140801-191702-69422449.jpg


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