The Book of Beasts – Audiobook Review

Edith (E.) Nesbit’s book is Narrated by Karen Krause. This story is a modern fairy-tale of a young boy made king.  His Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather was the last sitting King and by account a strange King. This little boy would rather make mud pies than be King but he had his duty to do.

The Book of Beasts is a magical book that is full of pictures of animals and beasts. When the young King opened the book and read the first page the beautiful butterfly flew off the page.

The Kings Chancellor took the book and put it on a high shelf telling the King not to read from the book again, for The King did not know what beast was on the next page of The Book of Beasts. Of course the young King was to curious   for his own good. This story continues as the young King tries to live with the consequences of reopening the book. 

Can the King find a way to save his kingdom. Read The Book of Beasts for yourself and see what adventure you can find.20140803-114135-42095332.jpg


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