The Truth about the Lordship of Christ – Maurice England

This Audiobook Published by Oasis Audio LLC and available at and is Narrated by Maurice England. 

Maurice England has narrated over 100 audiobooks and has a captivating voice. His narration is done with such passion that you believe he is the Author and speaking directly to you. If you want to have your Bible and notebook ready it is worthy of your Devotional Time and Biblical Study.

John MacAuthur shares the thoughts of Calvin regarding salvation, the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus, living a life of holiness and the necessity of knowing your are going to heaven, or assurance.

Although the title says this book is about the Lordship of Christ I have to say it is more about the Assurance of the Believer. Knowing not only why and how you came to salvation but more so that once saved you are assured to go to Heaven.
MacAuthur would say one should strive to be Sanctified through the leading of the Holy Spirit and live a Holy Life, but that Sactification is a life long process not a single event like Salvation. 

Assurance is necessary to stop doubt about ones future and allow one to strive for the prize of the high calling of Christ Jesus and too, while on earth, live a Holy Sanctified Life.



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