Trial and Terror – Audiobook Review

Trial and Terror by Adam Peneburg, Narrated by Jack De Golia.

Summer Neuwirth is a public defender who has won her first case. A rapist who is caught on video tape and still is aquitted by a jury. The trouble is he was guilty. Now her boss wants her to take on her first murder case. Her new client an ex-prostitute turned women’s violence advocate, has Motive, Means, and Opportunity.

Her guilty client, who was aquitted, knows a lot about Summer. Even some things Summer doesn’t remember from her past. As Summer tries to save her current client her past and present collide. How will she protect the innocent as well as herself. The twists keep you guessing. 

This book covers a lot of time and information in a short amount of time. With little back story, the characters are developed quickly and with a psycological edge that is hinted at but not really explored. The reader must infer a lot of the emotion that the characters must feel and the level of their relationship to each other. 

There are five stories being told, they intersect because of Summer and 4 of 5 revolve around her or her family. 

The ending is abrupt, to the point I had to rewind and listen again because I thought I missed something.

The narrator Jack De Golia does a superior job with the material he had to work with.  This book has good intentions but misses the mark by a mile.20140803-114526-42326738.jpg


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