Killing Lions: A Guide Through the Trials Young Men Face

Killing Lions: A Guide Through the Trials Young Men Face. Written and narrated by John Eldredge and Sam Eldredge. Available September 9th, 2014 published by Thomas-Nelson and on audiobook by Brilliance Audio. 
This Father and Son duo has written a conversational book. The son shares his thoughts and feelings about life and his father, a councilor, tries to explain why his son is feeling the way he is, how growing into manhood is challenging and how you can make the change from boy to man while staying under God’s direction for your life. 

Sam wants to share the thoughts and feelings of a generation that many feel is lost. I know that his thoughts and feelings are not much different than my own a decade or more before. What do I do for a job/career? Who will I marry? How does money affect my life? Where is God’s place in my decisions? How do I stand “against” Religion and “for” a Relationship with God?

The back and forth conversation make the audiobook difficult to listen to as Sam describes what he is thinking about his overall life direction and choices and his father John trying to explain those feelings both clinicly and spiritually. It is a message worth hearing but sounds more like a professor and student than Father and Son. 

This book uses a lot of references to sociological and psycological theorist along with the bible. An average listener will not understand the references or know who those referred to are. This aspect takes the book from a  insightful listen to a educational tome. Killing Lions has great information and I hope listeners can hear Sam’s heartfelt questions as they are questions of a generation.

Available at ChristianAudible.comIMG_0504.JPG


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