Life-Ology 101 – Audiobook Review

Michael Soward’s life story is Narated by Dave Wright. The book is a short narrative of the music producers life and view of subjects that come from his life experience.

Throughout Michael’s life he has believed God has watched over him and prepared him for the many opportunities he has had. From learning architecture and moving around the country to expressing his love of music in church. God has always given God Glory for his blessings.

Like many of us Michael questions Gods placement of him with in bad situations like living with his abusive “Spank um for Jesus” Grandmother and has a chapter of his book proclaiming his negative beliefs about spanking.

Life-ology 101 is a book about struggle, success, and the trials of life. Dave Wright shares Michael’s life story in a clear and emotionally discriptive voice that is worthy of listening too. 

I reviewed this audiobook for

available at Audible.comIMG_0550.JPG


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