Forced to Kill – Andrew Peterson

Forced to Kill the Second book in Nathan McBride series, Read by Award Winning Narrator Dick Hill. Dick Hill makes listening to this audiobook like watching a movie in your mind. The emotion and feelings of each character comes through. He enjoyment of Marine Sniper Nathan McBride grows with each book and with each listen.

This time Nathan must face the man who tortured him leaving him disfigured for life and almost dead some 10 years earlier. Could this interrogator be active again working in America? As one mutilated body is found, Nathan is drawn into a much deeper conspiracy that reaches deep into the government.ย 

What will Nathan do when given the choice between delivering his interrogator alive or exacting his revenge.The final act of this audiobook has twists that make you long for the next book. Thankfully you don’t have to wait the third book in the Nathan McBride series Option to Kill is available on audiobook now.ย 

I purchased this audiobook for my personal pleasure and enjoyment at



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