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Ready to Kill – Andrew Peterson

Ready to Kill Is the 4th book in the Nathan McBride series. Once again Dick Hill is a master narrator and expresses every emotion and action with a clarity few narrators can do today. This and all of Andrew Peterson’s McBride Novels are must listens.

It’s said once a Marine always a Marine, this must be true for the CIA as well especially if they have your number on speed dial. It seams Nicaragua and Nathan can never get away from each other. Harv and Nathan may be getting older but they are not dead, not yet anyway. Once again Nathan must confront his past and use all his skills to track down a sniper he trained in the past. 

This a great audiobook and rivals the other McBride books in story quality 
and as an edge of your seat thrill ride. I wait in anticipation of the next McBride Adventure.

This audiobook was a gift for an honest review.


Invisible-James Paterson

This audiobook is Narated by January LaVoy and Kevin Collins. This book is a true suspense thriller. The narrative  between the serial killer and the FBI tells parallel stories that keep you on the edge of your listening seat. LaVoy and Collins crest unique voices for each character and you can feel the tension as they present the written word.

As much as I like James Patterson’s series I like his stand alone books as well as any other thrillers. As a former Research Analyst (RA) I love the inclusion of the data collection and evaluation of clues by the RA’s. Sorting through the haystack to find the needle takes a special skill and patience.

This is a story about a killer who doesn’t exist, crimes that don’t link, victims with no connection, in essence it is about the invisible. One victims sister is an RA for the FBI. As a twin she knows her sister was murdered. There seems to be no evidence so the hunt begins with a single RA looking for clues.

The twists and turns throughout this book keep the listener guessing until the final chapter. This is a quick listen worth every second. 

I purchased this book for my own pleasure and for review. It was a great choice.

The Confession – Robert Whitlow

The Confession is written by Robert Whitlow, Narrated by Heath McClure and Published by Thomas Nelson. McClure keeps your attention throughout this audiobook. The voices of the characters are not always uniquely separate from the narrative itself, but McClure does provide some real emotional moments in his presentation.
The story of Holt Douglas is a legal mystery. As a prosecutor Holt is always looking for a confession. When he stumbles upon an old murder case file he wasn’t supposed to see Holt questions why so little investigation was done. Was there a cover-up of a murder?
As Holt begins to look into the case he is shut down from every angle. Holts questions may open up old wounds that important people want left closed. Throughout “The Confession” Holt’s own hidden past is brought to light. His secret may damage him as much as the cold case murder may damage others. Will digging up others past, when his own is not resolved, overwhelm Holt’s conscience?
As a Christian book prayer, forgiveness, grace, and mercy are all themes. Overall this book is good. Only twice in this book was I on the edge of my seat listening. The story brings God into the everyday life of real characters and is a morality play more than a thriller. This is an easy listening audiobook.

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.


Waking Dream – J.J. DiBenedetto

Waking Dream is the fifth book in the Dream series. Sara is back with her husband Brian the kids and a new foe.
She also has a new narrator Pam Dougherty. Pam keeps the tone and pace of previous narrators. Her voice was close to other narrators so I easily heard Sara’s voice in Pam’s performance.
JJ DiBenedetto writes a story that can stand alone but also is part of bigger picture. So many authors retell previous books to catch a reader up and add chapters to the book, JJ does it gracefully and with just enough backstory to please both new and old readers.
Sara is faced with a new discovery about here dreams. This ability can influence people to act in the real world. Although Sara would never harm anyone she finds another dreamer who does. This person is out for blood and money. Will Sara find out who this second dreamer is? Can she stop them before they harm someone. The hunt is on as Sara keeps up her regular life and her dream life. Can she keep both on track and safe.
Read Waking Dream to find out what’s next for Sara and her family. This Dream Series Book will not disappoint and is a great listen. I received this book as a gift for an honest review.IMG_0679-1.JPG

Itsy Bitsy Spider – Audiobook Monthly

A real-to-life drama narrated by Owen McQuen. When the powerful have secrets to hide they will stop at nothing to take them to the grave with them. Even if they have to take their family with them.

Life in Boston is a mix of the artistic and old money. If your the Mayor you better not have secrets or family with them. When Matt Christenson a Boston Globe reporter starts a basic follow up about Clair McCallin, the Mayors daughter, his intrigue grows as one thing after another doesn’t add up. When Clair shares a secret with him her father will stop at nothing to keep Matt from going public.

Matt must find the truth while the Mayor uses all his power to keep him quiet. As the bodies pile up Matt must fight to keep those who he is trying to protect safe and keep himself alive.

Owen McQuen brings all the characters to life. The story is told with an emotional depth that makes you, the listener, feel the tension. I highly recomend this audiobook as the evil of power is once again brought to light.

I reviewed this audiobook for

Option to Kill – Andrew Peterson

Narrated by Dick Hill in the same tone and professional manner of all his work, he brings Nathan McBride to life. You listen and think Nathan himself is recalling the story. I have review the first two McBride novels and feel Andrew Petetson has produced his best work to date. I love seeing Nathan’s human side opposed to his Marine/CIA side that really can’t be separated. 

When young Lauren texts Nathan saying she has been kidnapped he knows it’s no hoax. Lauren gets his attention by using his secret CIA code name. Nathan leaps into action trying to find and protect Lauren. He immediately finds himself in the middle of a situation he doesn’t fully understand. But as McBride is never in over his head he heeds the call and the thrill commences.

Option to Kill is the Best McBride book to date. It is a great listen and makes you want more.

Conquering Your Goliaths: A Parable of the Five Stones

This audiobook written by Kathryn Elizabeth Jones and Narrated by Nancy Peterson is a story about a women who receives 5 stones from God. Each one with its unique meaning and given at a unique time to teach her a lesson. Besides the stones themselves this book had nothing to do with Goliath or David.

The narrator tell the story like she was reading to school children at story time but this is not a children’s book. It is a serious book about serious issues of Life, Death, and Purpose.

I have to say it is a cute story and had a great message. I am just not sure who the audience is based on its presentation. I would listen to this book more than once to pick up everything that is being presented. I don’t know if listening to this while driving is a good idea because the soft voice of the narrator sounds like a relaxation tape at times and may put you to sleep.

This book is worth the listen if you are in the correct environment.   


Top Secret – W.E.B.Griffin

W.E.B. Griffin  is a masterful author of military historical fiction. He has covered WWII, the Marines, The Police , and Now the Cold War. Alexander Cendese narrated the first book in this new series with the care of other noteable narrators in W.E.B. Griffin series such as Dick Hill.

Listening to books the length of most Griffin series can be difficult because of the precise detail he puts into his books. Cendese reads Top Secret like an old fashion radio play. Every Character is unique and precise. I know who is talking each and every time . There are 20 plus different character voices and each is unique.

The story itself covers a secret US program to smuggle high ranking Nazi’s out of Germany and into Argentina, as well as setting up listening posts to monitor Russian activity in the East. This was a tricky operation because the Russians were our alli. 

After WWII Germans would rather die then be captured or turned over to the Russians who would torture and kill them. The US provided them safe passage to Argentina for information. This series will discuss the Cold Was from the end of WWII to the End of the Cold War.  I highly recommend this AudioBook as it is a great Listen and a great story.

Move On – When Mercy Meets Your Mess

Move On – When Mercy Meets Your Mess by Vicky Courtney , Narrated by Julie Lyles Carr, Thomas Nelson Publisher.

If you were a famous Christian Author of family books and your son came home and told you his fiancé was pregnant what would you do? Did you have an abortion and even with the Grace of God you are still tormented by satan’s legalism? Has your husband had an affair and your the one ashamed?
These issues didn’t all happen to author Vicky Courtney but she addresses them.

Jesus set us free from sin, some Christians don’t realise this and choose to remind us of what God has forgotten. This book talks about Moving On. How real people with real lives and real problems live and thrive as Christians even when thy fail. God’s Grace is Abundant and Sufficient for all of us and our failures. 

This book is a life changing book of Self Forgivness and acknowledgement of who we are In Christ. Julie Lyles Carr narrates this book with voice of a mother, teacher, confidant, and friend. She brings the emotion of this book to the spoken word that is audio.i highly recomend this audio book for Men and Women alike. The truth is for us all to learn, as God’s Grace is a Gift not anything we can earn.IMG_0645.JPG

In the Grip of Grace – Max Lucado

Ben Holland reads Thomas-Nelson’s  new extended release of Max Lucado’s study of Romans and Gods overwhelming Grace toward us. Why listen to a book some ask, this book is an Excelent example of why audiobooks are so enjoyable. Ben Holland expresses every word with a fullness and passion usually reserved for an author or public speaker. This takes the written word to another level.

God’s Grace for us is explained in several parables and stories by Max Lucado. This is the first of his books I have ever listened to of reviewed. Max’s ability to share stories and be so humble in doing so makes him a favorite author in the Christian community.

This book is not dry or preachy but a loving gift from the author. I listened to In the Grip of Grace in a single sitting. Have you ever felt you were to far gone for God to reach you? This book should  once and for all dispell any beliefs to that effect. God’s Grace is abundant and the provisions for you were made long before you were born. 

This book is a 5 star masterpiece of Christian Writing. It brought the book of Romans alive to me and makes me want to dig into the bible and study more about Gods Grace.

This book was gifted to me from the publisher for an honest review. It is available from and