Move On – When Mercy Meets Your Mess

Move On – When Mercy Meets Your Mess by Vicky Courtney , Narrated by Julie Lyles Carr, Thomas Nelson Publisher.

If you were a famous Christian Author of family books and your son came home and told you his fiancé was pregnant what would you do? Did you have an abortion and even with the Grace of God you are still tormented by satan’s legalism? Has your husband had an affair and your the one ashamed?
These issues didn’t all happen to author Vicky Courtney but she addresses them.

Jesus set us free from sin, some Christians don’t realise this and choose to remind us of what God has forgotten. This book talks about Moving On. How real people with real lives and real problems live and thrive as Christians even when thy fail. God’s Grace is Abundant and Sufficient for all of us and our failures. 

This book is a life changing book of Self Forgivness and acknowledgement of who we are In Christ. Julie Lyles Carr narrates this book with voice of a mother, teacher, confidant, and friend. She brings the emotion of this book to the spoken word that is audio.i highly recomend this audio book for Men and Women alike. The truth is for us all to learn, as God’s Grace is a Gift not anything we can earn.IMG_0645.JPG


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