Itsy Bitsy Spider – Audiobook Monthly

A real-to-life drama narrated by Owen McQuen. When the powerful have secrets to hide they will stop at nothing to take them to the grave with them. Even if they have to take their family with them.

Life in Boston is a mix of the artistic and old money. If your the Mayor you better not have secrets or family with them. When Matt Christenson a Boston Globe reporter starts a basic follow up about Clair McCallin, the Mayors daughter, his intrigue grows as one thing after another doesn’t add up. When Clair shares a secret with him her father will stop at nothing to keep Matt from going public.

Matt must find the truth while the Mayor uses all his power to keep him quiet. As the bodies pile up Matt must fight to keep those who he is trying to protect safe and keep himself alive.

Owen McQuen brings all the characters to life. The story is told with an emotional depth that makes you, the listener, feel the tension. I highly recomend this audiobook as the evil of power is once again brought to light.

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