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Unstoppable – Christine Caine

This audiobook is read by the Author Christine Caine. She is a evangelist who shares her message of hope and redemption with the reader. Founder of A-21 a ministry to stop and rescue those is human trafficking. Using the US women’s Olympic 4×400 relay team who  for three Olympics in a row, 12 years, failed to win Gold. Running the Race and passing the baton from one to another is the key to the success of the church. Christ came to earth and returned to heaven passing the baton to us who believe in Jesus Christ, a pass of the baton to us to spread the gospel.

Does it matter who we are, or where we come from? No we just need to take the baton and run the race. Christine speaks of the Devine Relay that we are all called to run.

The world of human trafficking is a violent and hidden world. Setting up safe-houses and reaching out to women and convincing them to run away from their captors created a very dangerous situation.

The fight to keep running and not give up, is attacked by the enemy. The enemy wants you to drop your baton or quit running. By dropping the baton you stop the Devine relay. Unstoppable is the story of running the race God has called you to run. Victory is yours if you keep running.

I received this book from the publisher for a honest review.


Robby’s Quest: Thrills and Chills

This is the fourth book in the Robby’s Quest series. D.C. Rush is author and publisher and Chills and Thrills is Narrated by Tracy Elman, and Illustrated by Daniela Frongia and is available as an audiobook. After the Flock’s adventure in Las Vegas they return to San Diego. 

Telling their stories to their friends they discuss where they will go next. They want to travel to Ohio but it is too far so they decide to take smaller trips and work their way up the west coast.

The flock travels to San Francisco with there friends the Whales. The see the sights and visit Chinatown.  The stop by an amusement park along the way and ride some of the rides. These friends have so much fun.

This book teaches friendship, trust, leadership, and teamwork. It is a great series.

I received this book as a gift for an honest review.

Burn- James Paterson

Danny Mastrogiorgio narrates the next book in the Michael Bennett series. After being in witness protection in California Michael, Mary Katherine, Shamus and the children move back to New York after Michael testifies.

Upon return to New York Bennett is not received as a hero but is removed from Major Crime and placed in charge of a Motle Crew of misfit cops at the Mayors pet project the Office of the Ombudsman.

The theft of diamonds from several brokers in the days before Diamond Week in New York puts Michael
back at Major Crimes while running the Office of the Ombudsman. The clock is running on Bennett as he must catch the Dimond Theves before Dimond Week.

This audiobook is worth the listen as Mastrogiorgio does a masterful job telling Patterson’s story and bringing the Bennett family to life as we have always known them. It is a great continuation of the series. I am excited for the next book and that is most important.

I bought this book for my own listening pleasure.

Deadline – John Sandford

John Sandford tells interesting stories and Eric Conger narrates the Virgil Flowers characters well. This isn’t your normal thriller but more of a nice police story. I guess murder is so common even the school board will do it. Knowing from the beginning who was planning the killing this book just tells s story. It’s more like trading stories with an old friend than a murder mystery.

I like the character Virgil Flowers and it was nice to hear from him but the story never felt dangerous. Virgil will solve the case and catch some fish. That’s just Virgil.

The narrator Eric Conger is great at telling the story and expressing the characters, there just isn’t a lot of expression needed to tell this story.

I like the story but it is not one of the best. More like solving a crime while on vacation.

I bought this audiobook for my own pleasure.

The Closers Guide – Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone reads his own book but never really stays on script giving many extra insight to his thinking in this audiobook. I would say if your in sales you want to be a closer. If you can’t close you aren’t selling anything. This book has everything you need to be a closer except the heart. You have to provide that yourself along with commitment, dedication, and persistence. This is a must read for anyone who ever wants to accomplish anything in life.
This book was purchased for my own education.

If You’re Not First You’re Last

Grant Cardone controversial book gives people a step by step way out of this economic contraction. By increasing activity, reconnection with old clients and going after new clients you can bypass your competition as they cut back or hold.

If You’re Not First You’re Last, explains why you should expand during an economic contraction and how to best create new business without using the old expensive methods.

Grant talks about not being a victim and taking control and responsibility for ones actions. Cold calling, face to face meetings and cutting out the slack in your life is covered in this book.

This is the fifth audiobook of Grant Cardone’s I have reviewed. At first I was not as excited about this title as the others but as I listened I continued to learn. Anyone in a downturn can use this knowledge to better Domminate. As Grant says competition  is for sissy’s, You want to DOMINATE YOUR MARKETPLACE.  I agree.

I purchased this book for my own education

Archangels Rise of the Jesuits Volume 1

Written by Janet M. Tavakoil and Narrated by Paul Heitsch Archangels is a story about a Vatican Intelligence Officer named Michael Visconte. He is called to the screen of a murdered Priest who also happened to be the Vatican’s Hedge fund manager. As a Financial Murder Mystery it is very good. Although a fictional story it is based in actual events. This book explores where the Vatican got it’s Billions and how it paid off so many abused children. This book I would call a historic fiction. The financial innermost working of the church are exposed or at least there is a great deal of truth in the written fiction.

Paul Heirsch does an excellent job with all of the characters and the Italian, Latin and German spoken by the priests. Where there is drama you can feel it in his presentation. The action is fast in some places and slow as a accounting textbook in others but the book overall educates and entertains.  This book is worth reading or Listening to.

This book was gifted to me for an honest review.