Personal – A Jack Reacher Novel

Jack Reacher is back!!! What more does a Fan and Audiobook Reviewer need to say? Lee Child and Dick Hill are back with another story of Sherlock Homeless. Like all good military men and women when your country calls you step up. Even if wondering through the Beautiful Pacific Northwest (My Home). 

A sniper is loose could be one of hundreds trained by armies around the world. Does Reacher know them? Can he stop them before the strike the G-8 Summit? The chase is on and Jack has some baggage this time. A young CIA operative with little agency experience and no combat experience. Jack must teach her the ways of the wanderer.

Jacks chasing a sniper and the CIA, MI6, and Russians are chasing Jack. This is a quick listen and Dick Hill puts all the flair and life into Jack and his friends and enemies that the listener has come to expect. The blow by blow fight scenes are discriptive and bring you into the moment.

This isn’t the best of the Reacher Books but it wets my appetite enough to make me hungry for the next book. 

I bought this book on my own for review.



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