Sell or be Sold: Get Your Way in Business and in Life

This book is written and narrated by Grant Cardone. There is a great deal of extra content that isn’t in the print version as Grant goes off the cuff and speaks freely, without his editors meddling, and provides so much data you must listen twice. Once for familiarization and once for notes.

Grants Ideas on sales are fresh and the newest thought printed on sales in 50 years. This is a Bestseller on many lists and is something I am keeping in my que to listen to again and again.

There is so much content I couldn’t begin to describe it all but here is the main point. YOU’RE ALWAYS SELLING!!!
Everything you do is a form of selling and your commission is a smile, an open door, a raise, a date, a loan etc.

Everything we do is selling. Another Book “The Closers Survival Guide” covers that most important part of selling and that is closing the deal. This deserves its own book because it is a unique animal in itself.

This audiobook allows you to feel the heart and soul of Grant Cardone. It is a must listen.

I bought this book for my own education.


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