If You’re Not First You’re Last

Grant Cardone controversial book gives people a step by step way out of this economic contraction. By increasing activity, reconnection with old clients and going after new clients you can bypass your competition as they cut back or hold.

If You’re Not First You’re Last, explains why you should expand during an economic contraction and how to best create new business without using the old expensive methods.

Grant talks about not being a victim and taking control and responsibility for ones actions. Cold calling, face to face meetings and cutting out the slack in your life is covered in this book.

This is the fifth audiobook of Grant Cardone’s I have reviewed. At first I was not as excited about this title as the others but as I listened I continued to learn. Anyone in a downturn can use this knowledge to better Domminate. As Grant says competition  is for sissy’s, You want to DOMINATE YOUR MARKETPLACE.  I agree.

I purchased this book for my own education


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