Deadline – John Sandford

John Sandford tells interesting stories and Eric Conger narrates the Virgil Flowers characters well. This isn’t your normal thriller but more of a nice police story. I guess murder is so common even the school board will do it. Knowing from the beginning who was planning the killing this book just tells s story. It’s more like trading stories with an old friend than a murder mystery.

I like the character Virgil Flowers and it was nice to hear from him but the story never felt dangerous. Virgil will solve the case and catch some fish. That’s just Virgil.

The narrator Eric Conger is great at telling the story and expressing the characters, there just isn’t a lot of expression needed to tell this story.

I like the story but it is not one of the best. More like solving a crime while on vacation.

I bought this audiobook for my own pleasure.


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