Unstoppable – Christine Caine

This audiobook is read by the Author Christine Caine. She is a evangelist who shares her message of hope and redemption with the reader. Founder of A-21 a ministry to stop and rescue those is human trafficking. Using the US women’s Olympic 4×400 relay team who  for three Olympics in a row, 12 years, failed to win Gold. Running the Race and passing the baton from one to another is the key to the success of the church. Christ came to earth and returned to heaven passing the baton to us who believe in Jesus Christ, a pass of the baton to us to spread the gospel.

Does it matter who we are, or where we come from? No we just need to take the baton and run the race. Christine speaks of the Devine Relay that we are all called to run.

The world of human trafficking is a violent and hidden world. Setting up safe-houses and reaching out to women and convincing them to run away from their captors created a very dangerous situation.

The fight to keep running and not give up, is attacked by the enemy. The enemy wants you to drop your baton or quit running. By dropping the baton you stop the Devine relay. Unstoppable is the story of running the race God has called you to run. Victory is yours if you keep running.

I received this book from the publisher for a honest review.


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